The Aaron McMillan Collection
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Aaron McMillan was a brilliant classical pianist who lost the fight against cancer, virtually at the start of his career. At age 24 in 2003, he was the youngest concert pianist to perform at Sydney's Opera House. He went on to perform there again a number of times.

"He was a remarkable young Australian," said 2GB radio presenter Alan Jones. "For seven years Aaron suffered from cancer. He fought strenuously against it, but many things conspired against that fight. The cancer began in the brain and in spite of the brilliant work of his brain surgeon, Dr Charlie Teo, the cancer spread to his spine."

Dr Teo has described McMillan as inspirational, a great friend and a great ambassador for the Cure for Life Foundation for research into brain cancer. Susan Wyndham, journalist and author of the book "Life In His Hands” (a joint biography of McMillan and Teo) pointed out "Aaron received a Mo Award from the entertainment industry for his outstanding contribution to Australian music".

The re-release of his album collection was produced by Sydney digital production company, ISD.

"It was Aaron's dying wish that his CD collection be available after his death," said Vaughan Hillier, Director of ISD. "It has taken us months to sort out legal and production issues in order to make this set available again," he explained.

Aaron spent the last months of his life producing the Aaron McMillan Piano Collection, which was launched only a month before his death and quickly sold out.

To commemorate the re-release of this set, a special serial numbered edition of 1,000 has been produced. Aaron's Opera House performances are part of this set.

The Limited Edition boxed set, comprising 9 CDs with over two hundred tracks sells for $79.95. Order by calling 1300 722 362 or using the form in the menu above.

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